Support for Youth

The main aims of activities:

  • To promote high school level research work amongst students;
  • To promote informed choice of carrier, initiative and responsibility amongst youth;
  • To offer advice and support on successful inception of studies.


1. Involving students with research of pending matters of local authority:

  • Topics for student research work offered by Jelgava`s local authorities and enterprises;
  • Workshops and consultations for students and scientific consultants;

2. Increasing students` responsibility and involvement in fulfilling youths` quality of life:

  • Possibility to get involved in dealing with matters of education (like planning, running and evaluating of different projects);
  • Training of New leaders.

3. Youth programs:

  • Microsoft IT Academy. A chance for high school students to improve their IT knowledge and receive a Microsoft Office specialist certificate.
  • Basics of CNC: for everyone interested in sciences and technology or good at drawing.
  • English language for high school students with pending English exams and The English summerhouse for pupils willing to improve their conversational English during the summer break.